DOE's Energy-efficient AC Unit to Save U.S. Electricity

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DOE in cooperation with the Commercial Building Energy Alliances (CBEAs) has successfully created a prototype of a rooftop air conditioning unit (RTU), which has a highly-energy efficient specifications are expected to save up to 60 percent compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standard.

The energy-saving AC units are made at the DOE labs that use a new specification which more efficient to use depending on the location and facility type. The preparation prototype of rooftop air conditioning have been conducted in the laboratory since the fall of 2010 and DOE has been announced for it's a Webinar on building high-efficiency RTUs to Interested manufacturers. A summary (PDF) and a fact sheet (PDF) about the specifications for the unit capacity of ten tons of air conditioning have also been released by the DOE.

CBEA which is a group of American companies that control the ownership of commercial real estate such as Target, Walmart, and Macy's. They are highly keen to purchase the units and expect to be able to continue to develop the specifications.

Meanwhile, for a best result, the DOE national laboratories including several other laboratories will provide technical assistance for manufacturers and developers for more efficient units. Manufacturers will also be assisted in designing, building, measuring, and testing the specification of new air conditioning units.

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Greg said...

Would it be possible to include the links to the summary report and fact sheet?

Softwarellc said...

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Rynth said...

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Mignon Her said...

That is really great! This prototype can be very helpful for homes and small businesses to cut expenses. The savings from being able to save more than half of regular consumption is actually more than enough to help sustain a family or a business in times of need.

Mignon Her

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