150 KW of energy-harvesting buoys will be installed off the coast of Scotland

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PB150 PowerBuoy made ​​by Ocean Power Technologies will soon be ready to be placed at about 33 miles off the coast of Scotland to harvest energy from wave movement to scale utility projects. As the name implies, PB150 was expected to produce 150 KW of peak power and feed the grid in waves between 4.9 feet and 22.9 feet.

Ocean Power Technologies has been able to complete construction of a giant-sized PowerBuoy PB150, which the bulk structure of the device is designed to be use under the sea. The device has up to 150 feet tall and it will be able to stand vertically when placed on the sea. The buoy will be moored to the seabed and connected to the land using the cable, but the company hopes it can to be in two or three arrays to minimize the footprint.

PB150 PowerBuoy had assembled off the coast of Scotland and will be placed in the 33 miles from there. Previously, the device also has been in testing at the European Marine Energy Research Center. A wave energy farm off the coast of Oregon also will overtake built to generate 1.5 MW of power.

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