China will continue to develop nuclear than coal

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In the midst of the nuclear issue in Fukushima Japan, China still will not change its plan to develop nuclear energy in their country. According to Pan Ziqiang, head of science and technology committee, said that the utilization of nuclear energy is safer than coal which causes serious air pollution and higher greenhouse gas emissions.

After the earthquake in Japan, China new nuclear project suspended until the approval of nationwide inspection into the reactor and the construction site. But China said that nuclear facilities are now completely safe. Meanwhile, Chinese officials also remain on the plan to adjust and improve the field of nuclear energy.

According to an industry veteran, the history of nuclear incidents in China until now almost no harm to humans and the environment or in excess of level 2. It is more secure than the deaths that occurred in the coal industry. He said that the currently nuclear dangers have been exaggerated.

China also plans to build AP1000 reactor as the world's first third-generation which will be built by US-based Westinghouse, a unit of Japan's Toshiba. They stated that the China's plants is more secure than plants in Fukushima.

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