On-Chip Solar Cell Fabrication

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On-chip Solar cells are likely to soon be in fabrication by using the technique performed by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. They developed a technique to grow nanolasers directly to the silicon surface that will lead to the creation of nanophotonic devices.

Utilization nanolaser is a way to improve the ability to use light to carry data as well as the possibility of making a small computer chip with high speed. This is closely related to the silicon in electronic devices that are less supportive to generate light. The use of III-V semiconductors as a light-based components that are combined with silicon is a solution to make a single optoelectronic chip.

Use of high temperatures in the growth of III-V semiconductors with traditionally, has been overcome with a way to grow nanopillars (indium gallium arsenide) on silicon that uses only 400 degrees Celsius temperature. Chemical vapor deposition of metal-organic technique to nanopillar grow on silicon is equal to the manufacture of solar cells thin films.

Technics also claimed to be more efficient silicon photonics, so the possibility for engineering devices such as solar cells,modulators, lasers, and photodetectors.

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