Molten Salt as Heat Transfer Media in Solar Thermal

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The molten salt solar thermal experiment is a part of the High-Performance Solar Thermal Power research project which is a joint project between the German Government with Siemens companies and other German companies. The research project is committed to developing parabolic-trough power plants for economic progress.

As the leader of the project, Siemens tried to find an alternative use of the heat transfer medium in the receiver tube of solar thermal plant which concentrates sunlight using parabolic mirrors. The replacement thermo oil that used today to test molten salt that is expected to be continuous operation at temperatures above 500 ° C. If the test that uses 300-meter-long loop test is successful, it will generate higher temperature steam that will make the steam turbine work more efficient to generate electricity.

Salts tested including various types of salts to be tested in the test facility at the University of Evora, southeast Portugal. The tube receiver is made by Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) which Siemens hold 45 percent stake. In 2010 Siemens Environmental Portfolio managed to make Siemens as the World's Largest Supplier of ecofriendly technologies.

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Christian said...

As more and more people demand the use of free solar energy, governments as well as businesses are subsidizing researchers, and these combined efforts are meeting this demand by coming up with materials that can produce more and more energy from a given amount of sunlight.

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seochecruz said...

energy from sun, is a true natural energy. as well as like in this test and method. the molten salt can get easy to maintain the natural power from sun.

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