Kior to Convert Wood into Fuel Get Loan from DOE

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Kior one of the companies producing biofuels is currently developing a process to convert wood into an environmentally friendly fuel to replace gasoline or diesel will receive loan guarantees up to $1 billion from the Department of Energy to build factories.

Biomass which treated using a catalyst will allow a process to convert wood chips or similar material into a fuel. When the production process its will make proprietary catalyst recuperated. The process uses fluid catalytic cracking techniques in oil refineries will produce friendly biofuels that can reduce up to 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.

The DOE loans will be used to build four biorefineries in Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas. Besides can be a solution for environmentally friendly vehicles in addition to solutions electric vehicles, biofuel plant will also create new jobs. The project is planned to produce up to 250 million gallons of biofuel per year.

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