Intel Thin-film Solar Cells from Sulfurcell to be Installed on Roofs and Building Facades

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CIGS thin-film solar cells made from sulfurcell claimed can reach 12.6 percent efficiency and be able to compete with silicon cells. Sulfurcell's thin-film solar are flexible to be installed on roofs or facades of buildings developed by Intel with $ 25 million invest in Berlin.

Supported by the large fund is expected to increase module efficiency and increase the production of CIGS / CIGSe Sulfurcells which made from a combination of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium or sulfur. In the last year Intel managed to manufacture in facilities 35 megawatts of panels a year.

Sulfurcell will help increase the efficiency of thin-film cells in convert solar energy into electricity with a focus on reducing the use of the material so to achieve cheap manufacturing. Although the efficiency is still lower than silicon cells but the efficiency will be enhanced to be able to reach 14 percent efficiency on a period of next one year or more.

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