Hybrid Power Plant in Chille will use Super Large Batteries

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Giant-sized battery with 20-megawatt capacity will be used for a grid storage in northern Chile as spinning reserve of the grid. A123 Systems will provide the batteries.

A project of 500-megawatt power plant called Angamos is a power plant with 10 shipping container-size storage systems. Projects that will employ AES Gener, a division of US-based power generation company AES, is a continuation of previous project in 2009 with the installation of 12- megawatts.

Before the use of batteries, grid energy storage using pumped hydro plants has been widely used. Currently, the battery has been taken over to improve the reliability with short-term storage. For long term storage the company has been coupled with wind and solar farms.

A123 Systems will target for the provision of Lithium ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles in addition to grid storage. Fisker's Karma plug-in hybrid is one that they will be supplied.

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