Solar Combo Provides Three Benefits at Once

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A system called SlowFlow by Cool Energy is the application of new kind of solar thermal systems for a residence that will provide three needs as well as the need for electricity, hot water and building heating system. The system is currently on a trial in Boulder, Colorado.

SlowFlow is a system that uses a Stirling engine which is equipped with solar collectors, hot water heater, space heater and an insulated storage tank. A computer with a communication network incorporated in the Controller SolarSmart also used to determine a more effective use of the device in accordance with weather conditions environmental temperature, the temperature of the building, and sunshine data.

According to the company, a new type of solar thermal systems will meet the needs for the average U.S. home like 80 percent for heating buildings, hot water needs of 100 percent, and electricity demand 60 percent. Cool Energy also received help from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and electricity and natural gas giant Xcel Energy for the development of this system.

The application of solar multi-use generators are expected to increase the benefits for customers in the solar investment. This will further streamline the cost of other necessities of home than only electricity from solar panels.

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