GEM to Convert Air Force Base Waste into Electricity and Heat

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In addition functioning to burn garbage, Green Energy Machine (GEM) by IST Energy also equipped with a gasifier that allows to parse dry waste or pellets into synthesis gas or syngas, which after some modification can be used to fuel natural gas engine or boiler or as a mixture of diesel fuel for generators.

As early, GEM will run at Edwards Air Force base in Southern California, which previously demonstrated a prototype two years ago. While about 20 companies have also been interested for work of the unit that is more environmentally friendly than the use of incineration.

Dry waste or pellets being burned with the temperature of 600 degrees Celsius in a vessel with limited oxygen to produce syngas which made from carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane in IST Energy's gasifier. As for the mixture of diesel as fuel for generators, about 3 tons of waste per day will be able to turn on the 100-kilowatt generator with a net output of 72 kilowatts. Heat energy can also be used for the needs of the building heating system.

GEM is also designed to be able to process certain waste is mostly generated by office buildings such as food scraps and packaging, and not for biohazard waste. Meanwhile, IST Energy keep trying to reach air quality standards in the use of syngas to diesel generators and natural gas engines.

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