250MW Tidal Power Plant will be built in Gujarat

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The Indian government has made a deal with London-based marine energy developer Atlantis Resources Corporation to build tidal power plant with initial capacity of 50 MW and will be expanded to 250 MW capacity.

Projects which will begin in 2013 is a partnership with Gujarat Power Corporation Limited which will spend about $ 165 million budget. While Atlantis is already leading in the energy sector and have done turbine supply agreement with northern Scotland to establish largest power plant with a capacity of 378 MW.

Gujarat is a country that has the advantage of the availability of almost all energy resources. Even many local and international companies are already planning to invest heavily in new industries and renewable energy-based power plant in Gujarat.

Although tidal power plant requires very high capital cost due to the need for extensive civil works, but the power of this type makes it possible to predict the generation of electricity with consistency over a period of time.

Regarding the tariff issue will be estimated with the volume of water to be used for electricity generation. Usually offered preferential rates for large-scale power plant is about 8 times more than those offered to conventional power plants. The determination of final tariff will be done after the front-end engineering and design stage of completion.

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