Hydrogen Powered Unmanned Aircraft Could Fly For A Week

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Global Observer Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) powered by a hydrogen-fueled propulsion system made by AeroVironment has successfully made its maiden flight for four hours over Edwards Air Force Base in California, at low altitude. Company claims the aircraft could fly up to a week long.

Global Observer hydrogen-powered UAVs has a wingspan of 175 feet, and use liquid hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines that drive generators which powers four propellers as well as batteries and operational payloads. Furthermore, the aircraft has mission to fly to a height of 65,000 feet in the framework of an observation platform and allows for communication links to the area up to 600 miles in diameter.

Due to the aircraft that has the ability to fly long, so it can function like a satellite at low altitude and low cost but quality is also a satellite tenacity, flexibility and higher resolution of an unmanned aircraft.

Although the aircraft is more likely to be used in the military, but civilians also could use it such as to relay communications in disaster areas, as a platform for border patrol or for remote sensing science. This is because the aircraft has the ability to quickly change the payload and the ability to fit the mission of the aircraft. The next flight test program will gradually expand the height and long flown of the aircraft.

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