Nano-yarns to make Energy Generating Clothes

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Can you imagine your clothes is a power source to recharge your gadgets with a USB jack found in your pocket ? Maybe it will soon be realized with a techniques using nanotubes made by the researchers at the University of Texas, in Dallas.

Researchers use nanotubes to spin the yarn from boron and magnesium powder to be applied into a wearable product at the same time produce energy for our electronic small appliances. According to Ray Baugham, director of UT's MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, powder has an important function because of its high surface area, but it should be made a form to be used.

The research team using a step by spraying the web of nanotubes with powder so that they can turn the material into yarn. The applications of nano yarns could be a self-cleaning, a superconducting properties, and the most interesting is the application for a clothes that can store an energy.

If it could happen, we would not have to bother anymore to find the source of power for our gadgets wherever we are. Just simply plug into a USB jack in your pocket.

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