Greece Will Build World's Largest Solar Park to Overcome Recession

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The recession has increased unemployment in Greece. Greek government tried to cope it with plans to build world's largest solar park.
Greece Prime Minister, George Papandreou will build a large solar park above the depleted coal mines in Kozani that expected to spend $ 807,000,000 cost. Solar park will generate a capacity of 200 MW.

The giant solar park development is claimed to generates the largest output of energy in the world. It is also expected to reduce the number of unemployed by empowering the natives people. The Government-Owned Public Power Corporation will hold a tender to international investors in the project of 520 hectares area.

So far the government has taken many steps such as economic policy as a result of the emergence of high unemployment. The project is expected to be a friendly way to help solve the problem of recession and unemployment in Greece.

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