GE Nanostructured Magnets to Reduce Rare Earth Demands

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GE scientists develop a way to reduce the need for rare earth materials by making nano-structured magnets that has the same high magnetism. Nanostructured magnets is expected to reduce the main ingredients for making magnets, such as neodymium, dysprosium, and Terbium which will important for various applications including the automobile industry.

Currently, nearly 95 percent of rare earth element materials is owned by China and meanwhile the huge demand around the world continue to urge. Research conducted jointly by GE and the Department of Energy Grant will use nanocomposite magnetic materials to achieve a higher magnetism in the alloy.

The magnetism of nanomaterials will be improved using a complex physical property of new nanocomposite magnets that work with the exchange coupling in the composition of nanoparticles. Scientists can achieve the same level of magnetism but uses a bit of material with the right mix and the arrangement of nanoparticles of the same metal.

The researchers can also get some benefits of using this way, because in addition to reducing the amount of rare earth material needs, they also have smaller and lighter magnets.

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