Generate Energy from Wind without Turbine

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Vibro-Wind Piezoelectric Pads is a wind energy generator that works by vibrating when exposed to the wind to produce energy. This could be an alternative to harness wind energy that more secure and less noise.

Vibro-wind is a design by Francis Moon, a mechanical engineering professor at Cornell University, was consist of pads attached to the piezoelectric cells that will generate electricity when pads flutter in the wind. Design could be a breakthrough for the friendly option than the use of traditional wind turbines that could be a threat to birds that fly near the turbines.

Each pad in Vibro-wind actually resulting in less energy, but it would be a great energy when framed within an array. Currently professor Moon uses a panel consisting of 25 pads. The design will easily be applied include the possibility to be mounted on the facades of large buildings that have a constant breeze and can also be mounted on outdoor surface.

Vibro-wind will not be affected by turbulence to produce energy and oscillating wind panels allow for all kinds of places.


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seochecruz said...

nice to know that even wind can give a natural energy.

but most in common and popular the energy from sun and heat.

Solar panels

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