Sand for Future Energy

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A solar power plant will be built by the Japanese scientists team in the Sahara desert in a project called "Sahara Solar Breeder Project". Feature of this project is the idea of Japanese scientists to use the sand in the desert as a material to address energy needs in the future.

According to scientists, the sand in the desert contain many raw materials for making silicon which will be used to make solar panels. For that purpose the project will build silicon-manufacturing plants which will powered by the sun to utilize silica to make silicon.

Japanese scientists team members are the University of Tokyo Hirosaki University, NIMS Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chubu University and the National Institute of Informatics. In addition they also cooperate with partners from Algeria to develop the goal of providing 50 percent energy source in 2050.

Research will soon begin with the calculation of the cost will reach ¥100 million annually within 5 years. Project will also conduct cooperation with the country where the project is North Africa by creating new scientists in the country to be involved in the project.

Solar energy has great opportunities to be exploited as a source of renewable energy due to energy they provide 10,000 times more than current energy usage. In this way is expected in the future we will have surplus energy.

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