U.S. Work with Australia to Cheap Solar Energy

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Cooperation agreement between United States and Australia to meet the needs of alternative energy in the future until the year 2015 will already be achieved using solar power is cheaper and more efficient so that it can compete with conventional energy sources.

Cooperation in the field of alternative energy especially solar energy was announced by the two high officials on both sides of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Cooperation will include some way or actions relating to the manufacture of cheap solar energy technology such as research, product development, innovation including cooperative funds.

According to Prime Minister Julia Gillard major obstacle to the development of cheap solar energy is a matter of cost. Then both parties have committed to provide funding up to $ 50 million for the programs. Even Hillary Clinton's secretary representing the U.S. State Department will provide a grant of $ 500,000 to support a global survey about the chances of re-using the carbon dioxide emitted by power plants and industrial processes.

Although in the last three years the prices have dropped by 50 percent, but the project of two great country will target to bring down the selling price of solar technologies by two to four times. Australia is a country that has a geographic conditions to get the most abundant solar energy. We hope this partnership will produce a low-cost solar technologies to reduce the use of fossil energy that are less environmentally friendly.

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