Photovoltaic-piezoelectric Fiber Combination of Solar Energy and Motion

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A step to maximum the utilization of solar energy and motion energy, the researchers at the University of Bolton have developed the combined of flexible piezoelectric fiber that utilizes motion and photovoltaic fiber that harness solar energy to generates electricity to power many gadgets.

The new hybrid of piezoelectric-photovoltaic fiber is can be woven into various low power gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players and all rechargeable gadgets and small batteries. This technological development is the improvement over previous technology piezoelectric fiber that has managed to produce electrical energy by harnessing the movement energy. Photovoltaic-piezoelectric fiber is expected to increase the energy generated to power small electronic gadgets and immediately applied in a large production in the market.

The technology just like a tree with needle-fibers that could converting sun, wind, and rain into electrical energy to be stored and subsequently used for charging batteries. Meantime scientists will begin producing the material samples of hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric fiber to the test its effectiveness in generating electrical energy. And there is the possibility for opportunities to be placed in the ocean because of the abundant of solar energy and wave movement.

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Morgen said...

WHAT IF! The crystals were finely shaved square plates, with a channel cut into the X and Y edges to hold a collector wire the size of a human hair? Assemble the plates into translucent windows for structures, and the plates will heat up, creating expansion - the plates will rub against each other on the X and Y axes, transferring power through the wire. This would create a translucent/transparent SOLAR COLLECTOR that utilizes the sun to produce electricity while preserving the view. This will make solar energy more accessible to the masses, and give more applications. I have one that would welcome this technology right now.

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