MIT New Effective Solar Power Storage

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The researchers at MIT found a new, more effective way to use fulvalene diruthenium molecules for achieving affordable solar power storage. The current ways such as heat storage in molten salt tank is inefficient and expensive.

The fulvalene diruthenium molecule consist of two aromatic carbon rings and a transition metal that would serve as a molecular heat battery. Molecules can store heat energy by changing the conformation and very stable. When its given a little extra heat or a catalyst will cause the molecules inserted back into its original conformation and releases the stored load.

Compounds can get 200 degrees C which will be enough to heat a home needs, run the engine to generate electricity. According to study leader Professor Jeffrey Grossman, solar-thermal energy has many advantages and store heat in the form of fuel is reversible, even for long-term stable and it can be used anywhere. You just will recharge by putting them under the sun light.

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