Generate Electricity from Human Blood

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Research at Tsinghua University in Beijing has managed to find a fuel cell which channeled through the nanowire from the polymer composite to act as a single proton to generate electrical energy. While the anode is a substance dissolved glucose in biological fluids, oxidized, producing protons and electrons. Furthermore, protons will be diverted away down nanowire and electrons are directed around an external circuit to provide electrical current.

Electron and protons of cathode combine with dissolved oxygen to produce water and catalysed by the enzyme laccase. The results of this study is able to produce electricity from fuel cells in human blood and watermelon juice.

The nanowire-based fuel cell can produce power output of 0.5-3 micro watts, and has been integrated with a set of nanowire-based sensors to perform self-powered sensing. This nanodevices will be good for biological sciences, environmental monitoring, defence technology and even personal electronics.

The research sponsored by IDTechEx as an early stage of interest about the potential of energy harvesting in the human body. While this technology will continue to be developed further so that it can be useful to mankind, especially in the field of medical such as implanted medical devices, sensing vital signs, defibrillation, and heart pacemakers.

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GH.ABRI said...

very usefull and beautiful article and a good news.
Dr. gh. Abri

With said...

The technology for the Matrix has arrived. It's only a matter of time before humanity is enslaved, encased in bubbles and used to produce electricity for the overlords (machines and a few wealthy humans). Hideous; just hideous. You who are developing this technology, watch the movie "The Matrix"; it will show you where you are leading.

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