Secure Energy-efficient of GE's Hybrid Halogen-CFL

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GE's new hybrid halogen-compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs offers more energy savings because its almost without warming period at the same time eliminate some concerns about mercury in CFL light bulb, its only contains 1 milligram of mercury.

The main advantages of GE's new hybrid bulb is that the CFL heating time is usually takes much time and energy to get to the point of full luminescence but its will only take less than a second so it will save energy as well. This hybrid bulb arrangement consists of two light bulbs in one lamp is a halogen lamp in a light bulb that lights up almost immediately and it will be shut off when the CFL has reached full brightness.

CFL lamps is now usually contains about 4 milligrams of mercury which has become a hot issue because its hazard to health if inhaled or ingested when the CFL tube is broken. The dangers of mercury would be more affected if exposed to children. GE's new hybrid bulb products are smaller mercury compared with the previous CFL products from other companies Sylvania that containing 1.5 milligrams of mercury.

According to GE the 15-watt of hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs will have the same light power with 60 watt incandescent lamp and the 20-watt will be equivalent with 75-watt incandescent lamp. The hybrid light bulb will has 8,000 hours lifespan while for a standard incandescent bulb will only has 1,000-hour lifespan. Although the price is not known but the hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs will be available in the market in 2011.

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