The First Slate Roof Harnessing Solar Energy

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Thermoslate is the first solar slate roof in the world that successfully utilize solar energy as renewable energy with almost no need special care. An innovative energy solutions brought by Spain's Cupa Group is perfect for all types of roof with a powerful structure all at once solve the problem of aesthetics in the rehabilitation of historic monuments.

The thermal solar panels slate capable to provide almost two-thirds of energy requirements for ACS (Hot Water) and its ability to remain operational even in a cloudy day. Solar slate roof is water proof and its also has the disposal of excess heat naturally. Another advantage of thermoslate is its ability to provide consistent performance and the solar panel that has an extra insulation.

The development of solar slate roof also received full support from the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Xunta de Galicia for Cupa Group as the Spain's largest construction and materials company will be able to develop energy industry in Spain and at the same time creating new green jobs.

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