Wood-Fueled Off-Road Cars

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Wood-fueled off-road vehicle called the Bioracer has proven its ability to run up to 10 miles with a 3 to 6 pounds of wood pellets as fuel. This sporty green car is the works of Swedish Precer Group to promotes the company’s biomass powerplants.

Precer Bioracer car basically using wood pellets to be burned to power the Stirling engine, which in turn charges up the 24 to 96 volt, 100 to 400 amp-hour battery pack to power 16 hp of electric motor as an electric engine. Nevertheless Precer also offers varied choice of battery power specifications as specified by customers which have up to 3 hours driving on battery power alone.

Although an electric car, aided by the burning of wood pellets but Precer Bioracer car is just like an ATV or sand rail that have dual A-arm suspension in the front and swingarm suspension in the rear. The 900 pound of Bioracer car will become the future of eco vehicles without having to depend on fossil fuels anymore.

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