Cheap Solar Cells from Thin Paper

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Now take advantage of solar energy will be cheaper after MIT scientists develop solar cells made from thin paper-based to collect oil spilled on water. Solar cells on thin paper will be made flexible, including to be installed as a layer on the window curtains, a laptop cover and lining in the roof of the house.

Research sponsored by the Italian oil company Eni has managed to capture solar energy with solar cell on tracing paper to power a small LED display. Solar cells paper made using five layers of solid material and stored onto a paper substrate. The fifth layer line will work according to their respective functions such as circuit carrying currents or as an active ingredient that releases electrons when exposed to light.

One of the advantages of solar cell deposition process on paper of these solar cells that can be done at low temperatures. Although now only reach one percent solar cell efficiency but for the next lab will increase it to reach four percent efficiency for widely commercialized. It may take up to five years to commercialization of this solar paper device.

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