PV Cells Filled the Street for Maximum Solar Energy

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The use of solar panels installed on the roof of a house is generally done, but the electrical engineer believes that it can only produce up to 2 percent of the total electricity needs, especially in England. Install PV cells on the highway will be an effective way forward for renewable energy.

But one of the obstacles encountered for the installation of solar panels on the highway is a fragile photovoltaic panels should be able to handle the throw and strong pressure from vehicles passing. The installation must also be safe for the vehicles pass through so that does not encourage the tire slip.

Brusaw Scott, an electrical engineer based in Sagle, Idaho, explained one unit of solar panels will be square-shaped slot 3.7m which will link together and through junction boxes lying beneath them. Solar panels will be covered using tempered glass panels as in the form of thousands of tiny prisms so that will not interfere with vehicle tire grip problems. Apart from that the prisms will also help to direct sunlight into the solar cell when the sun is low.

The U.S. that have four hours of sunlight every day of national average will be able to generate electricity around 7.6KWh on each panel. Energy produced will then be inserted into the grid or stored on site recharging of electric cars by the roadside plug-in points.

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