Cellphones Made From Cashew Nut Shells

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A discovery of new types of bio-plastics will be developed by one of the big electronics company NEC to make cell phones that the main component of cashew nut shells. Bio-plastics of this type is environmentally friendly in addition to replace dependence on petroleum resources is increasingly lost and there is no worry of future food shortages.

This type of bio-plastic is made from a mixture of 70 percent cellulose, the main component of plant stems, with cardanol, the main component of cashew nut shells. Current bio-plastics are largely oil-based additives, but with this new kind of bio-plastic is used cardanol to convert cellulose.

Now famous bio-plastics use feed grain as a plant resource that has stressed the importance of using non-edible plant resources such as cellulose and castor oil to produce bio-plastics. Bio-plastics from the NEC is claimed to solve this problem, and plans for mass production. Current cellulose-based bioplastics have been used in stationery, toys and household goods.

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