Hybrid Wind Turbine to Maximize Turbine Perfomance

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Sometimes wind turbine is not maximal working especially when the wind is blowing so weak so its can not provide maximum energy in time efficiency. The SmartGen hybrid gas-wind turbine will be the solution to the wind turbine can still produce energy even in low winds.

The SmartGen hybrid gas-wind turbine is a system introduced by the company based in Colorado that can also be mounted on the ordinary wind turbine that already exists. SmartGen works by turning a turbine using compressed air generated at the base of the tower from the turbo-compressor that runs on natural gas or biogas.

Apart from not using fossil fuels, but renewable energy, the SmartGen hybrid gas-wind turbine can also work to improve the performance of existing facilities. Employing a smart clutch disengages the wind blades from the machinery when the compressor is engaged. The exhausted air from the air motor cools dramatically when it is released and its will be able to cool generator nacelle in addition to prevent fires in the housing.

The SmartGen hybrid gas-wind turbine will applicable to units with up to 4 MW of capacity, onshore or offshore.

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Doug said...

Really? So if it turns out to NOT be available up to 4 MW, or if it just turns out that the compressor costed more than a generator would have, how much do I win? Is there any end to the lies we read as "press releases" regarding "breakthrough" technology that is not thought through and will never actually be implemented due to its complexity and economic non-viability? When will the lies end? (never I know.) Crap like this is why REAL wind energy inventions are overlooked.
Doug Selsam

Rafat Jamal said...

Doug is absolutely right. The person who has proposed this idea could also have said that we must put up an electric fan which will blow wind to turn the rotor when there is no wind.

The idea is totally crazy. Why not put a generator instead to the device that will drive the compressor.

It is a very in-efficient idea and contains many losses.

jim said...

I agree 100% that this idea is little more than a pipe dream.

Thnk about it...let's say you have a wind turbine with a 20% "CAPACITY FACTOR" (very high btw); that means 80% of the time it has to be powered by this secondary source...where is the empirical evidence to show a cost savings given that the cost of natgas or other "fuel."???

there MAY be a niche paly here for small turbines..but up to 4 megs???


This co is a start-up; proly way undercaitalized, and no prototype.

Forrest Charnock said...

Reminds me of a guy who told me he could put a fan on a car and the wind generated by the speed of the car would create a perpetual motion machine.
Maybe he could tie a rope to one of the blades and jump off the tower to spin the windmill?

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