Scientists: Battery Can Be A Rechargeable Clothing

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Scientists in the U.S. will develop a battery that uses common virus to create a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be woven into clothing to power portable electronic devices. Eventually the battery would be very useful for the military in the provision of energy for their portable electronic devices such as handheld radios, a GPS device without having to appeal to bring a heavy battery, but enough with the uniforms they wear.

New cathode materials will be made from iron-fluoride so it will be able to make a battery that is lightweight, flexible, chargeability, and better performance.

Mark Allen will continue the work of MIT scientist, Angela Belcher and her colleagues, in developing a virus called bacteriophage M13 as biotemplate for preparing the lithium ion battery anode and cathode. The virus consists of the outer layer that surrounds the core protein gene and infect bacteria so its safe for humans.

In addition to environmentally friendly, battery can also be used by ordinary people such as business travelers and anyone who needs electrical energy during a trip to their electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones etc.

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