Human-powered Plane Eventually Flew

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Snowbird is first a human powered aircraft made by Todd Reichert from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) which has managed a record-breaking fly continuously at the Great Lakes Gliding Club in Tottenham, Ontario.

Snowbird flying by wing-flapping device sustained both altitude. It flew in the 19.3 seconds airspeed , and managed a distance of over 475 feet at an average speed of 15.9 miles per hour. This record-breaking flight on August 2 was witnessed by the vice-president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the world-governing body for air sports and aeronautical world records.

Snowbird is made of carbon fiber, foam, and balsa wood so as to provide a light weight aircraft, only 94 lbs. The plane has a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 737 or about 105 feet, which weighs less than all of pillows on board.

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