Nuclear cooperation between Britain and France

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At a meeting in Paris in February agreed British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on economic cooperation in the development of civilian nuclear power.

Cooperate on Nuclear Power Plant Hinkley Point C

In a statement, Cameron said that the construction of the new nuclear power station Hinkley Point C in Somerset in southwest England will pave the way for the new partnership.

Hinkley Point C will become Britain's first new nuclear power plants in 20 years and the first of a new generation of nuclear power plants.

The French-owned energy giant EDF Energy will be responsible for building and operating nuclear power plant, which currently does not have a definite completion date. A new Rolls-Royce factory in Yorkshire, however, will produce components for nuclear power plant and a national training center for nuclear energy in cooperation with Bridgwater College started in Somerset.

"My goal is clear. I wish that the vast majority of the content of our new plant is designed, manufactured and designed by British companies", says Cameron.

EDF has not yet been granted planning permission for the new nuclear power plant, but the driver's preparatory work on the site has been approved and 700 people in France and the UK are already working on the project, which has a budget of 10 billion British pounds. EDF Energy estimates that the project will provide up to 25,000 jobs.

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