New CHP from Meva Innovation

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ECOS Energy in the Netherlands has placed an order for a pre-planning of Skelleftea-based Meva Innovation. The purpose of the design phase is to examine how well Mevas CHP is able to gasify the feces of Agriculture.

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Representatives of ECOS Energy Meva has visited on several occasions over the last year and they have signaled that if the study is successful, they want to buy the first facility of SEK 160 million. Meva designing in its pilot plant test "Holland Fuel" and ensure the minimization of pollution.

Eutrophication in agriculture in the Netherlands is substantial. Livestock emit huge amounts of feces. Therefore, replaces Dutch authorities, the companies that help to destroy the droppings. This is where Meva Innovation with its technology comes into play. According to the company, then this power plant can also produce electricity cost-effectively on a small scale, which means that ECOS can make money on both destroyed the stool as the power plant producing district heat and electricity.

The technique is a Swedish invention called VIPP (Vortex Intensive Power Process) and extracting gas and heat. The gas and the heat can then be used for both electricity and district heating networks.

- We see enormous potential in the pre-planning we are now to implement. We have already been visited by interested parties from several countries. Now we will do everything we can to show the Dutch all the benefits of CHP, says Holmberg, CEO of Meva Innovation.

The first of Meva Innovations cogeneration plant located in Pitea and placed in service now in spring 2012.

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