Vento group creates system to purity biodiesel to 99%

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The Valencian company Vento Group has developed a system that allows a biodiesel with a purity greater than 99% from a mixture of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) from low-quality raw materials as oleins, fats animal oils, fried and impurities from the oil refining process.

 So far, companies using this type of raw materials obtained a biodiesel with a purity of about 90-94% what was below the 96.5% required by European regulations on motor fuels (EN 14214)

The facility developed by Grupo Vento combines the processes of high vacuum evaporation heat transfer for energy recovery, achieving a high yield process. In this way companies manage biofuel sector improved its production processes to ensure the viability of the final product because the purity of 99% places them within the European standards and opens new markets.

Currently in the process of transformation of fat into biodiesel sector companies increasingly encounter more problems to find a commodity that can fulfill the dual objective of achieving a good final product quality and adjust their operating costs to ensure the viability of the industrial process. The raw materials of good quality refined oils of soybean, palm or jatropha biodiesel results in a high-quality but high cost. Conversely companies that use poor quality raw materials like oil industry, the oleins or animal fats had the problem that the final product obtained was below the standards required by European regulations which will greatly reduced the market. With this continuous distillation process will benefit both companies that will increase the value of your final product, as consumers and that will increase the number of liters per year of biofuel suitable for use in automotive applications.

Vento Group has already installed the first distillers in some industries as BIOCARSA, in Cuevas de Almanzor, Almeria, plant with a treatment capacity of 1,500 liters an hour.

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