Controlled ventilation with heat recovery

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People need air! 20-30 m³ per inhabitant used air must be removed from a house in the hour to keep the CO2 content remains at a low level. A level of 0.1% CO2 in exhaled air is generally considered the hygienic limit. From 0.15%, there is difficulty in concentration, it even loads at permanent health damage.

Also be made for building health must be a change of air. This is with about 0.3 h-1 and is used to measure the discharge of pollutants (eg from furniture and carpets), smells and above all moisture. Contrary to popular still, but perverted ideas "breathes" the house not through the walls, but must be ventilated by openings.

Whereas in the past the leaky houses, so we tried for decades to an ever more compact design, the ventilation heat losses to a minimum. The physiological conditions of the people have not changed. What has changed, however, the behavior of living. It is more a shower and laundry drying in the apartment. Since energy is expensive, it is not always an adequate ventilation through the windows. The result is moisture in the components and mold growth on cold surfaces. With up to 40% the proportion of recent decades is estimated energetically modernized buildings that are infested with mold.

Often underestimate the amount of heat loss through ventilation. Was it in a building from 1900 with furnace heating only 10 percent of the total losses, so they reach a well-insulated new construction be 50 percent or more. Even a well-insulated house needs a change of air, making each more is ineffective in insulation.

The solution lies in the controlled ventilation with heat recovery. In a central unit of the Free drawn in from the outside air flow and the exhaust air stream can be played out. They exchange in heat exchanger 90% of their temperature difference against each other. At 20 ° C inside, outside 0 ° C is such a supply air at 18 ° C in the apartment. The ventilation heat losses are minimized, the hygienically necessary air exchange is ensured, as required by the DIN EN 1946-6 and common sense.

There are also decentralized solutions that are suitable for retrofitting in difficult situations. Many manufacturers have distributed solutions in the program, which emerge from a core hole in the outer wall of a room air exchange. However, in these devices is limited due to space reasons, the recovery to about 60%.

For the right solution for your home, you ask a plumber or a home ventilation technology planners. Do not forget that air is a food of which we can not do without 3 minutes!

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