"Water public at large institutions" Back to the streets to the referendum

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The movement for public water makes itself felt. With a national demonstration in Rome and with a new and imaginative campaign, called "civil obedience". To report that the referendum in June (yes won with 27 million) are not only respected, but also reversed by governments and parliament.

According to the committees, the betrayal of the referendum takes place in two ways. First, the operation of the law of August and November encourage stability of the privatization of local public services, in open contrast with the spirit of the referendum. For this, the committees have promoters of the questions asked the Constitutional Court to remove those rules.

According to "the institutions are disregarding the popular mandate" that would impose tariffs to reduce the share of profits guaranteed by law Ronchi and canceled the referendum. "To date it appears that in all the national territory no operator has applied the new legislation" apart from the City of Naples, whose councilor Alberto Lucarelli is one of the drafters of legal referendum. And here is the campaign of "civil obedience" obedience to the outcome of the referendum, but because the institutions do not do the people directly. Autonomously.

How? Paying bills after the referendum with the share of profits autoredox deleted. The savings vary between 10 and 20 per cent and local committees will provide information and forms to enable every citizen to calculate the "autoredox". Explain the committees: "The main purpose of the campaign is to get the application of what is clearly borne out by referendum. However, with the active mobilization of hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people we aim to enable a direct form of democracy by low ".

Event information of Rome and the countryside at acquabenecomune.org.

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