Appliances, now the new mandatory energy labels

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From now becomes the new mandatory energy label for refrigerators, freezers and televisions for the first time, while the obligation by December 20 will be extended to washing machines and dishwashers

 In May of 2010 with the new framework 2010/30/UE energy labeling has been extended not only to all products that consume energy, but also to all products that have a significant influence on energy consumption, but not consumed. The Directive defines among other things, the form and content of the renewed energy labels, which become much more precise and accurate.

For example, the new label, the existing scale, ranging from A to G, acquires three new classes that need to be added to the class "A": A +, A + + and A + + +. However, the new energy label will in principle give more than seven energy classes, unless more classes are still needed to qualify the specific product. The system is defined by the color of dark green to red-efficient products for those who consume more energy.

The four regulations require that the new label is applied from 12 months after their entry into force. But the devices with the new provisions may be placed voluntarily on the market with the new label since December 20 last year. So in a short time, consumers can find in stores and choose the devices that follow the new classification, but not limited to: all end-users and the Public Administration will use the new energy classification to identify the best products on the market to finalize the their green purchases or to define any economic incentive schemes.

ENEA has always promoted energy conservation and energy efficiency and energy labels and environmental claims as a valid instrument for identifying energy-efficient products and environmentally sustainable. The energy label, introduced in Europe since 1992 only for household appliances, has in fact proved to be a simple and extremely effective tool available to consumers.

In addition, the project "Smart Buy - green procurement for smart puchasing", ENEA is engaged along with eight other European partners in promoting the spread of green purchasing and increase the share of eco-efficient goods and services in six major sectors (IT, household appliances, building components, vehicles, lighting and electricity from renewable sources) in public institutions and the private sector.

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