New phone battery has 15 years of life

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Nobody can deny that smartphone is one of the wonderful inventions of the world of technology. However, for the reasons of this devices has multiple features, including GPS, digital camera, multitasking capabilities, Wi-Fi and access to all Internet content, the battery life leaves much to be desired.

For you who are willing to put aside your smartphone or want a phone with acceptable battery life, here comes a new device that works using only one AA battery. The Spare One cell phone presented at CES 2012, a cell of the same name may change their concepts. It is slim, lightweight and has an energy efficient perhaps never seen in the market. According to the manufacturer, Spare One can keep the battery life by up to 15 years, and the conversion time is around 10 hours, thanks to its powerful lithium Energizer (you are free to use any other brand).

Of course it is a basic device to make calls only. In fact, it would be very helpful to have a simple phone like this in an emergency in the trunk of the car, is not it? Spare One cell phone will be sold unlocked in three different versions: a GSM 850/1900 model for America, a 3G model for Japan, and other GSM 900/1800 for the rest of the world. The basic unit price is $ 49.99 and you can buy it sometime this quarter or at their site or

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