CES presents stroller that generates power

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The wheels of Origami serve to recharge the battery of the engine which powered by clean energy.

Origami has daytime running lights that are designed to help parents avoid unwanted holes and bumps. These lights are located at the bottom front of the cart.

Currently available on the market the most modern strollers imaginable. But surely none is as innovative as the Origami shown at CES 2012. This stand is able to generate power and feed its engine.

In the largest exhibition of sustainable technology in the world, CES, the company presented a 4Moms stroller powered renewable energy. The model is still able to close and open alone, making it more practical, especially when you save it in the trunk of the car. It has the ability to bend in different ways using only its own energy.

 The cart is the same size as conventional models, but is able to transform into a compact object. Users can also recharge their mobile phones and MP3 players on the same cart.

There is also an LCD display that shows how many miles have been traveled and average speed. Although stand alone, open and close there is no danger to the child. For security to be guaranteed, 4Moms installed a sensor in the seat of the cart to prevent it from closing on the child.

Most of the material used in the manufacture of the product can be reused. The seat frame and legs are made of recyclable aluminum, as well as the foam tires are also recyclable. The company also agrees to receive and properly dispose of the cart when it has no more use.

Origami is available in the market for about $ 849.

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