Hydrogen that heats the house

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A catalytic burner that combines hydrogen produced by renewable energy with oxygen to release heat without harmful emissions.

It was presented at the fair of Bolzano Klimahouse in late January, the first heating of residential buildings to hydrogen. H2ydrogem is called, was patented by a company of Piedmont, it enable to produce heat energy without the use of fossil fuels, heated rooms with zero emissions. It's a catalytic combustor, ie free of flames, which combines hydrogen produced from renewable sources, taken from the atmosphere with oxygen, forming a molecule of water and releasing heat.

Not having to resort to traditional fuels and obtaining the phenomenon of combustion at low temperature due to chemical reaction, the phenomena of dispersion of fumes, CO2 and pollutants are reduced to zero, ensuring livable safe home environments.

"We have undertaken research into the generation of heat by hydrogen ten years ago because we believe that hydrogen will have an increasingly important role in energy management in the coming decades," said Servilius Gioria, project leader.

A system of this type can reach one of the main problems of the energy produced from renewable sources or storage. Produce clean energy, store it and have it available for future use: "Thanks to a clean source, we can capture the unused electricity, put in a tank in the form of hydrogen and then use it to play both thermal and electrical energy. All this without emitting carbon dioxide or oxides of nitrogen, but simply harmless water vapor. "

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