Fabrics made with spider web

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London museum displayed a hood and a scarf made of silk over a million spiders.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England displayed the largest garments have woven with spider silk. Besides an elaborate embroidered cape, a scarf also presented to four feet long, made entirely of golden silk with more than a million spiders of African island of Madagascar (Nephila madagascariensis).

The project was created by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, who live in Madagascar. In 2003 they decided to create fabrics with silk of spiders. They said that the product is produced only by females. To fabricate the parts, a team of 80 men and women captured spiders webs collected and returned to nature.

Every day was done, followed by seven years (until they get enough gold silk).

The golden hue and brightness of natural fabrics are silk spider of Madagascar. "This is fantasy, is magic. Attracts and delights," said Nicholas Godley. "It's a bit of poetry, really." Peers And Simon admits, "We both thought that this was the craziest thing we could do and that nobody had done before," he recalls.

He admitted being afraid of spiders, but still played the project forward.

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