Greenpeace blitz in front of Palazzo Chigi

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Greenpeace raid in front of Palazzo Chigi in Rome. A group of activists from the environmental opened at dawn in the Piazza Colonna, a large banner with a picture of the flood in Genoa last November 4 and the message 'The climate is changing. The policy must change. ' Other activists have scaled two lampposts in front of the headquarters building of the Government with the message 'In Durban we save the climate', with reference to the UN conference in South Africa involving the environment minister Corrado Clini.

Simultaneously, with the Greenpeace protest, two actors have staged the representation of politics that refuses to change: clothes and makeup as if in a movie in black and white, responded to reporters' questions as if the problem changes Climate does not concern them. "This autumn - said Salvatore Barbera, head of Climate and Energy Campaign for Greenpeace Italy - our peninsula was battered, from North to South, from a series of tragic floods that have killed dozens of people and billions of euros of damage. These are clear signs that climate change is having an increasingly serious impact to our latitude and our country. These are the signs that the policy has to listen. "

Meanwhile, more than 15 000 Italians who were sent to Environment Minister Corrado Clini a 'postcard from climate chaos' with the request to take a strong position in Durban and ambitious climate protection and renewal of the Kyoto Protocol . "We urge the Minister Clini and the new government - continues to Barbera - to change the political climate of the country. A first test, in addition to what the minister will do in Durban, will be the defense of incentives for renewables. Public support for this sector is an investment in the country for the future employment and the environment. "

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