33 billion tons CO2 Planet 25% from China

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CO2 emissions of the planet have come to over 33 billion tons in 2010, with China responsible for a quarter of the total (25%). And along with the emissions of the U.S. (19%) the 'weight' rises to 44%. The figures in the global CO2 have been developed by the company 'BP Energy, while the spotlight focused on the United Nations summit on climate change under way until 9 December in Durban, South Africa.

The CO2 and 'an increase of 5.8% compared to 2009. China will enter the atmosphere 8.3 billion tons, 6.1 billion tons of the United States. Yet in the context of increases, with Brazil, which makes the leap more 'significantly (+11.4% on the previous emissions, China +10.4%, India +9.2%) also recorded decreases compared to 2009: Australia marks a minus 8.2% and Spain 3.7% less. After the U.S. ranks the EU with 13% of total emissions (4.1 billion tons of CO2). India and Russia are both 5% of total emissions (to around 1.7 billion TNL), Japan (1.3 billion TNL, 4%) and Germany (828 million TNL, 3%), South Korea (716 TNL million), Canada (605 million TNL), Saudi Arabia (563 million TNL), Iran (558 million TNL), United Kingdom (548 million TNL). And even Brazil (464 million TNL CO2), Mexico (447 million TNL CO2), Italy (439 million TNL CO2), South Africa (437 million TNL CO2), Indonesia (424 million TNL CO2), France (403 million CO2 TNL) , Australia (367 million TNL CO2), Spain (334 million TNL CO2), Taiwan (331 million TNL CO2), Poland (325 million TNL CO2).

According to the Minister of the Environment''Corrado Clini Durban and 'bad in the wake of Copenhagen. I do not think - he adds - that will solve the problems on the table'', which are the same as two years ago. The hope of the minister and 'able to have an agenda''to be able to look over the next two years.'' For Clini''is to bring together the global energy strategies and energy investments with environmental objectives. We need a comprehensive strategy over the coming decades.''

Meanwhile from the summit in South Africa, WWF and Ecofys give the votes, saying that''Europe is not doing enough on climate and energy''risk''is a general impasse on long-term actions''(for 2050). For Italy, the report card and 'bad, from' E '(on a scale ranging from' A 'to' G '), confirming the disappointing European average,''''our country - explaining -''did not even a global strategy on climate for a low-carbon economy could be slowed down''and''the National Action Plan for renewable energy and the efficiency.''

Finally, after the first day of the attention devoted to the extension of the Kyoto Protocol (expires in 2012, the first period of application) with the definition of the different positions, and we 'moved to' negotiate 'on the Green Climate Fund (100 billion dollars a year by 2020) that there is still no clear rules for the operation and management. The Fund, created to allow a 'growth' (especially in developing countries) with low carbon content, it could become - according to some observers - to unravel the real issue on the table.

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