Opel Ampera coming after more GE's electric cars

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In November, the electric car with range extender, the Opel Ampera, finally, in Germany on the market: The multiple award-winning electric car is one of the first full electric cars from a German car brand. Opel is seen as a pioneer of alternative propulsion technologies. Now it was announced that Opel's parent company General Motors in 2013 had a pure electric car in the U.S. wants to bring to the market: It will be an electric car based on the Chevrolet Spark. Data such as price, scope and specifications of the electric vehicle, however, are unknown.

As an offshoot of the Opel Ampera concept with a range extender to the end of 2012, two models come to market: A fastback sedan and a minivan, which was shown as a study under the name "Volt MPV5" at the Beijing Auto Show. Whether these two vehicles will be sold only in the U.S. under the Chevrolet brand to buy or be in Germany as Opel models, is still unclear.

Meanwhile, Opel has launched the international website for the Opel Ampera: Under the motto "Higher. Deeper. Go on. "Dive there again on the extreme athletes who advertise in commercials for the new electric car. On the microsite, Opel Ampera, e.g. an eBook "electric cars diversity" to read on. All background information on the Opel Ampera it in our CleanTech lexicon.

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