Burgenland produces two giant wind turbines

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In Burgenland in Austria are currently being built the world's most powerful wind turbines from Enercon. Groundbreaking was in May, now the towers of the Enercon turbines are Enercon already E-126. The plants are of the type Enercon E 126 and will provide electricity for 4,000 households. Each wind turbine has a diameter of 29 meters and weighs 120 tons of reinforcing steel. In the last week of the first plant, the gondola is reached, which will soon beat a path to the top. And it is 14 meters high, 22 meters long and weighs 650 tons, including rotor blades. Even in December, the first of the two most powerful wind turbines.

Currently the car is next to the tower of the Enercon E-126 on the ground and therefore offers an impressive sight. One of these plants will be operated as a research station together with Enercon to develop means of electricity production with wind energy. The results can then be used immediately by Austrian Wind Power, in order to increase the efficiency of wind turbines even further.

The Burgenland in Austria and is also an eco-region model. The strategy aims to '2013 'to generate as much electricity from renewable energy as is consumed in the country. The Burgenland is so eco-number one in Europe!

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