Wind energy: Windmill at ICIM certifies first Italy

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ICIM has released the first certification in the wind sector in Italy 55kW at Dragonfly, the turbine of the Italian Air Ltd. Prato (FI). Dragonfly is then certified the first wind turbine, in reference to the specific pattern ICIM and CEI EN 61400-1. It is also the first Italian case, and one of the few international certification issued on a finished machine for the production of wind power under 200 kW, a segment for which the long associations require a standard valuation generators, to ensure scrupulous manufacturers of those who are struggling to assert its excellence in marketing and finance from banks during installation.

Small wind turbines, developed in Italy as an evolution of a northern European origin technology, this particular turbine - a high tower with a large rotor and tube - is designed to ensure high returns with low and medium winds and a long useful life that allows operation outside of turbulence at lower heights.

Designed with simplicity of installation, can be implanted either alone or in small batches, creating wind farms, constituting an important supplement of income for farmers, artisans and small businesses, or an interesting alternative form of investment real estate and financial companies, while helping to reduce emissions and protect the environment effectively.

In the course of the certification, ICIM has verified the quality and completeness of the design of the structure, mechanical and electrical, also evaluated the compliance of the technical dossier and all necessary documentation to the marketing of the turbine. Other tests were also conducted on the machine already installed, directly testing the effectiveness of all major control systems and security provided in operating conditions is particularly critical, such as the loss of voltage, emergency stop and the excessive speed of rotation of the rotor.

ICIM has developed a certification scheme specifically for wind turbines, based on IEC standards IEC 61400-1 and IEC EN 61400-2 IEC (the machines that cover all the wind power from large machines to power microeolico) updated following output in the second half of 2010 the new IEC 61400-22 adding performance tests to those required by the basic rules.

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