Israel: new invention for efficient wind

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An inflatable wind turbine, which will cut the cost to obtain greater efficiency: to invent, an Israeli company, which says ready to industrial production, even though the project appears to raise some doubt.

The new device was developed by Winflex; QualEnergia interviewed recently by the site. It, the company's CEO Eli Kliatzkin, explains the benefits: the device features a lighter rotor, capable of producing low cost energy, while a simpler system imbardaggio also allows the application to large generators.

The company forecasts say that with the use of his invention would be reduced by half the cost and efficiency would increase by 30 percent, reduced maintenance costs and high efficiency, lead times of repayment of the investment at about 3 to 5 years, compared to the traditional 7 to 10, the company has created two models, from 10 to 200 kw, and the second, connected for two years to the Israeli power grid, appears to have yielded good results, it now aims to create a model 1 MW, the company is already starting the process of industrialization of the turbine 200, for the 1 MW is pointing to 2012, and later, will be launched commercially. Winflex is already active with other projects in the renewables sector and collaborates with the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure.

The invention, however, raises some doubts, both in terms of costs / returns, which in both cases are too high, both in terms of technical specifications, using systems that would make it impractical to use in large wind farms.

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