Simple way to use solar energy to purify water directly

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For an easy and inexpensive way to purify the water would be very beneficial for people in poor areas as well as difficulties in obtaining clean water. Leonardo Lira, a student of the Instituto Federal de Goiás in Brazil, has managed to harness solar energy to turn water cloudy to clear and safe in a simple way and environmentally friendly and without the need for power at all.

The process is simple and safe without involving hazardous chemicals on the water cleared up. The device is very easy to install using simple tools such as plywood planks, tinsel and a few bottles of PET. Box-shaped plywood wrapped in silver paper will be used as a place to put tens of PET bottles that have been filled with water to be purified. The system will take about three to six hours to get the heat up to 70 degrees Celsius on the water.

In this heat level, the results of the water purification process has been tested and found free from bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Although a bit time consuming, but the purification method by Leonardo can be an inexpensive way to purify the water and
will be very useful for people in remote areas that lack clean water supplies.

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