Even the F1 grand prix will use green rules

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One supplier of carbon emissions in the automotive field is a race car and motorcycle racing, although not at any time made. In order to participate to maintain the environment, and to keep the green earth as well as avoid the greenhouse effect, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) will issue new regulations green sports cars to Formula One in 2014.

FIA primary legislation is toward the use of fully electric engine for F1 cars. When the car should get into the pit lane, it's required to use the full electric mode. Another rule that may change the performance of the F1 engines such as the replacement of V8 engines with 1.6-liter turbo sixes.

The new mandate also ordered the use of the inclusion of on-board ignition without using the external starter motors anymore. To be able to perform optimally, the Formula One engine has been increased to 120 kilowatts of it's Energy Recovery Systems. It is also possible to recycle the power on the engine exhaust.

Although the new regulations will affect the performance of racing engines, but it's will give a challenge for the engine manufacturer teams to create or modify their machinery in order to perform optimally in 2014 formula one. We expect green news will also come from various fields who currently plays in contributing to CO2 emissions. We are still awaiting news from other green various fields that are currently still play a role in contributing to CO2 emissions.

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