Rohm's transparent Dye-sensitized Solar Cells to harvest indoor lights

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In the recent largest electronic and technology exhibition in Japan, titled Techno-Frontier 2011,Rohm semiconductor and electronic company has presented their latest product of indoor lights harvesting device made of transparent high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells(DSCs).

The dye-sensitized solar cells which work like a chlorophyll of leaves will absorb low light level like room light which have 400 to 800nm wavelength to be converted into electrical current in small amounts. The power generated by the solar cells can be used to power some devices that requires small power like TV Remote, wall clock, PC mice and other indoor small devices.

The Rohm dye-sensitized solar cells are claimed to have higher conversion efficiency upto 30 percent, which present in the form of small squares measuring 4 cm square. This small DSCs capable to produce about 1 to 2 milliwatts electricity. The demonstration showed that it could be done using other types of solar cells.

One of advantage using dye-sensitized solar cell is due to its could be manufactured at lower cost of materials and production than thin-film or solid-state semiconductor-based technologies, even its only have lower conversion efficiency. The dye-sensitized solar cell also can be used in ZigBee technology in low level for wireless communication to have control of your appliances such as ACs, Lights etc.

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