Harness electromagnetic energy to power a microsensor

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Harvesting energy is not limited to the visible energy sources only like solar energy, wind energy or geothermal energy. One of the energy around us that are not visible to the naked eye is electromagnetic energy. Scientists develop scavenging devices to capture electromagnetic energy around us to be converted into electrical energy.

Currently, electromagnetic energy available in abundance as people increasingly use information and communication technology, including cellular phones, radio, television and satellite communication systems. Scientists at the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering converted electromagnetic energy in different frequency ranges into electricity for small electronic devices.

The device is a paper based circuits which harvest electromagnetic energy into AC power converted into DC current to be stored in capacitors or batteries. An ultra wide-band antenna used to get different signals in different frequencies to be collected. They also use an inkjet printers to combining energy-scavenging capabilities on paper.

The scavenging devices can generate electric energy for self-powered wireless sensors for various applications. Technology is suitable in areas near the center of communications or radar such as around the airport.

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